Celebrity Parties and Wedding Planning

Celebrity Parties and Wedding Planning

Whatever the occasion, make sure the room dazzles as much as the dresses and really impress guests with sophisticated decoration. Many believe that a truly great party is about the people, not about the place; this is true, but if you really want to host an event that everyone will remember and make a lasting impression on new acquaintances then a beautifully decorated room will be the cherry on the cake. A well decorated room will also create ambience, add character and create talking points which might come in handy if you have unacquainted guests.

Decorating a room for an event can be as elaborate or simple as you desire. How you decorate can set the mood of the party so whether it’s a formal or fun look, the décor should aim to fit the purpose and theme of the event.

The following checklist includes some of the most essential discount party supplies which can be adapted to suit the event and season;

Balloons – Party balloons can aid the lighting and sound effects in a large room by filling up space. If the room has a high ceiling, use lots white party balloons to drop the ceiling level. This will also help the room to feel more intimate. Party balloons also add splashes of color to drab rooms.

Table Centrepieces – the centrepiece should compliment the room and theme and ideally be seasonally inspired. Centrepieces can be made from flowers, fruit, candles, lights water or even photos. Creativity is the key to making a really original feature.

Chair Covers – coordinating chair covers can really add ‘wow factor’ to a room by adding an element of sophistication to any space. Chair covers can be fitted to most seats and can be hired for any occasion. Colored sashes or chair ties can really complete the look and be found in a wide variety of colors to match your decor. Chair covers can really transform a nondescript room into an elegant space.

Candles – the light from candles can create a soft, warm and romantic ambiance in any room, making them particularly suitable for weddings. Candles also create a festive feel, making them great for Christmas or New Year events.

Lights – if you are unable to use candles, use electric or battery operated lighting to create atmosphere and decorate the room. If you have a high ceiling room, lights can be used, like balloons to lower the ceiling and create a more cosy feel to the space. String up rows of fairy lights from wall to wall to create a twinkling ceiling.

Flowers – floral decoration can transform any room and add splashes of color and brightness to a dull space. Coordinating flower arrangements can add an air of sophistication and elegance to the room. Arranging flower decorations to match the season can aid the mood of the party – the look and scent of Poinsettias, Christmas roses and Holly will really enhance the atmosphere of a Christmas event, for example. Table Linen – whether you are having a formal meal or simply offering buffet style food, ensure that the table linen also matches the theme of the room and coordinates with the chair covers and table decorations.