Find Out All About Certified Financial Planner

Find Out All About Certified Financial Planner

The Certified Financial Planner Course has become a great way to mark yourself better from other Finance Professionals. Getting a degree from CFP Certified Financial Planner School can increase your value in the market and credibility among the companies. But these days, everyone in the Finance industry has few funny letters with their names indicating something which not many people know. These are CFP, CMFC, CPA, CHFC, CLU, PFS, and the list goes on. There are close to ninety certifications, degrees and designations altogether. It’s hard to compete against businesses such as Brown & Tedstrom, but you can get in on some of the market.

Due to this, companies and investors have become very careful before judging a person with such titles. It is not necessary that all professionals with these titles are experts in handling any financial issue. Out of these designations few corresponds to legitimate expertise while others mostly are merely marketing tools.

Lets first know about the Certified Financial Planner Course. But why CFP? CFP is the most comprehensive designation a finance professional can earn. It requires to clear one of the most rigid Certified Financial Planner Exam. For this you have to invest a lot of time in CFP Exam Prep. Usually one joins a College for Financial Planning so that he can get the required study material, professor’s guidance, learn the problem solving skills, which is essential for CFP Exam Prep. Apart from all these rigorous preparations, the ten hour Certified Financial Planner Exam is the biggest and substantial stumbling block. The Certified Financial Planner Exam is held thrice a year across 50 locations in the Denver. The test is divided into three sessions. Session one consists of 115 questions including a case study and lasts for four hours. It is often held on Friday afternoons. Session two and three, each consisting of 85 questions and three hours each continues on the Saturdays.

Now if you were already sweating with your CFP Exam Prep, you now know there is a lot more to that.

The scoring is done by College for Financial Planning and Board of Standards. The passing rate is usually between forty-five to sixty percent. The scoring is quite unusual as there is no set percentage to clear the Certified Financial Planner Exam. The established competency of each level is taken as the base while evaluating. The exam is also calibrated statistically with past exams to atone with multiple levels of difficulty.

After a minimum three years of experience, and clearing the CFP Certified Financial Planner School, you will be proficient in areas like estate planning, investments, insurance, taxes and retirement planning. Companies have a great benefit of working with professionals passing out from CFP Certified Financial Planner School. These CFP acts as a fiduciary for clients that reduce the risk of someone selling products that would not be in best interests of client.

From what has been discussed, we now know that Certified Financial Planner Course is a potentially good future career option. However, every fruit in job is a subject to hard-work, experience and skills. While it may take considerable period to build a career as a CFP Certified Financial Planner, one should keep patience and must be sure of the direction his career is taking and once done, it can be a great accomplishment.