Things that Have an Effect on your Health and Fitness

Things that Have an Effect on your Health and Fitness

Things that Have an Effect on your Health and Fitness

Everyday, you face different factors that can have an effect on your health and fitness. You may not notice those factors especially if you enjoy doing those things. Your routine and lifestyle are the two main determinants of your health and fitness level. If you are not aware of the positive and negative things you do everyday, here are the life-sizes factors that have effects on your health and fitness.


Your diet is a very important factor that can affect your overall health and fitness in a good and bad way. Like what nutrition and health experts say, “you are what you eat.” This only means that what you eat, how much you eat and how you eat them can affect your health and even your personality. For instance, if you eat too much, you’ll get fat and if you eat less, you’ll get slim. But it’s not as simple as you think. It’s not just about losing or gaining weight; but it’s also about the positive and negative effects that your diet can bring to your life, especially to your health and fitness.

Significantly, poor diet will give you negative long-term effects while good food choices will help you become healthy and strong. If you eat healthy food consistently, your body will absorb its required nutrients that you need in your everyday life; thus also helping you maintain wellness and fight diseases. Sadly, people’s common diet is jam-packed with saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and highly processed foods. This kind of diet is mainly the cause of obesity and associated diseases like diabetes, high blood pressire, strike and heart diseases. This is why we have to be wary of the kind of diet we have. Choosing the kind of food we eat is very significant to achieve a healthy and happy life.


Apparently, stress triggers negative effects on your body and mind. It also has negative effects on weight management. Stress makes you gain weight due to poor eating; it even makes you crave for sugar and fat. Unhealthy treats can make your body suffer and can also keep you closer to diseases and illnesses.

It is really hard to control your eating habits when you are stressed so as much as possible, avoid working too much. Nonetheless, you can fight stress by doing some exercises and meditation and having positive thoughts all the time.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Obviously, alcohol and tobacco are among the main causes of inevitable diseases and illnesses around the world. Smoking and drinking can lead to major health risks especially when done together. Researches also say that people who smoke and drink regularly are prone to various illnesses like liver cancer, mouth and throat cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Smoking and drinking are only two of the negative habits that you have to avoid to maintain good health and fitness. Having a good food choices and avoiding stress and negative habits like smoking and drinking are good ways to control your health and fitness while also maintaining your personality and lifestyle.