Black Table Covers Adding Elegance and Style to any Event

Black Table Covers Adding Elegance and Style to any Event

Have you ever been to a party or wedding celebration that makes use of black tablecloth? If you haven’t, try to browse some pictures and you will certainly fall in love with its elegance. You might even want to have a similar theme for your wedding or any other cocktail party you will be hosting in the future. Contrary to common notion, table covers colored in black are not dull and lifeless. They are elegant, classy and believe it or not, it will make the party’s overall ambiance sparkle.

When and where these table covers are used

Table covers colored in black are used in the following events:

  • Wedding reception– Black colored table covers are not new in weddings. They have been used several times especially if the couple wants a classy, elegant, and unique wedding or wedding reception theme.
  • Fine dining restaurants– Expensive restaurants can offer you a fine dining experience. Aside from the food, they usually provide a luxurious and relaxing ambience. Here you can also see tables accented with pure black or perhaps, black and white tablecloth.
  • During cocktail, evening, or closed-door parties – Black stands out during the evening or in closed areas. Hence, these table covers are excellent alternatives for cocktail parties or for an evening event.

Benefits and Advantages

There are many benefits or advantages of using black tablecloth.

  • This tableclothcould transform an ordinary banquet or guest table from ordinary to something classy and elegant. As the old saying goes, black is really beautiful. Instead of plain white, cream or yellow, you could use black colored table covers to make it more gorgeous and elegant.
  • They are unique. Black is not the norm when covering or styling tables that shall be used for almost any kind of party. So, if you want your event to stand out from the rest, use black table covers.
  • Black lets your table accessories, centerpieces, and other decorations sparkle. A black colored tablecloth can let your table centerpiece, plates, drinking glasses, utensils, etc sparkle and be highlighted. If you want more sparkle or shine, use a glass or crystal centerpiece and silver or gold-plated utensils.
  • They are more resistant to dirt and stains. With a pure or perhaps a black and white striped tablecloth, dirt and stains could be your last worry because this color is effective in concealing them.

The different types of black tablecloth

These table covers are usually differentiated according to their shape or to the fabric used.

  • Rectangular table covers. They are rectangular in shape and are ideal for the same shape of banquet table.
  • Circular or round table covers. As their name suggests, they are used for round tables. Round tables are much more common at wedding receptions, balls, proms, and cocktail parties.
  • Square table covers. Squares are more versatile because they can be used for both square and round tables.
  • Polyester table covers. Polyester is the more common material used because it is more durable and easier to maintain.
  • Black and white checkered tablecloth. Another type or variation of the black table cover is the checkered design.

For formal and elegant events, the best way to cover or accent banquet or guest tables is to use black covers or table covers.