A Concise Science Based Six Pack Review

A Concise Science Based Six Pack Review

Do you want to fight off the extra belly flab, have superhuman strength and look fantastic? A new nutrition and exercise routine by Thomas Delauer called Science Based Six Pack promises to help men get in great shape. With a strong core, you can efficiently bolster agility and flexibility and even reduce annoying back pains.

Intermittent Fasting

Science Based Six Pack routine incorporates intermittent fasting which helps burn fat, and at the same time maintains muscle. The good news is you don't fast the entire day, just some 8-12 hrs a day, then consume all your calories in the remaining period. Make sure to work out on an empty stomach, in the morning preferably. Take in lots of water during the fasting periods. Somehow the body manages to gather up sufficient energy for the workout following this method.


Food is important to consider any time you want to work out. To get a Science Based Six Pack, ensure to consume up to 2400 calories per workout day, and 2000 per rest day. Basically, instead of having breakfast, sometimes eat in the afternoon, say 3 pm, and again within 6 hours, then fast again until the following day the same time, but remember, coffee, tea or water (could be diet water), whatever keeps your engine running smoothly.


To get the results you want with a Science Based Six Pack, you can do just about any exercise that focuses on your abs. Some of the most efficient are; Abdominal Hold, leg raises, overhead press, barbell upright row, plank and knee in, crunches and their various variations.

Wait at least 2 hours before eating again.

Although appetites may be hard to suppress at first, this program is a good way to burn fat, without accumulating unnecessary amounts of fat, without extra cost on nutrition, and a sure-fire healthy way to keep your abs rock hard for a long time.

This is just my quick review of Thomas Delauer's new Science Based Six Pack program, you'll have to check out the official website to learn exactly what's involved in the course.