4 Reasons Jewellery Appraisal is Important

4 Reasons Jewellery Appraisal is Important

4 Reasons You Should Get Your Jewellery Appraised

Jewellery can be as much of a financial asset as it is a fashion accessory, and you should always be sure to get your pieces appraised. In this article we will look at the 5 reasons jewellery appraisal is important, and why you should get it done.

The Basics of Jewellery Appraisal

When you bring your jewellery in for an appraisal, the first thing you will want to be sure of is that your appraiser is qualified. To be considered a real appraiser, they will have a certificate from the Canadian Jewellers Association as a Certified Appraisal Professional.  With a properly certified appraiser, you are sure to be getting an accurate evaluation.
jewellery appraisalThere are a few steps involved in an appraisal, including:
Cleaning– The first thing any appraiser should do is properly clean your piece of jewellery.  If the item is not cleaned, it will be harder to evaluate the gem and other aspects
Gem evaluation – This includes using a jewellers loop or magnifying glass to examine the gemstone or diamond.  The appraiser will be looking for size, clarity, and overall health of the stone.  This step also includes evaluating the cut and colour of the gemstone
Photographs and Description – In this step, the appraiser will describe the piece of jewellery, including what type of gemstone, what kind of metal, the setting, and the kind of jewellery itself. They will also take photographs of the various angles and defining features.
Valuation– The appraiser will then look at market value and what the cost would be to replace the piece, and come up with an appropriate valuation. They will provide you with the documentation afterward

Why You Should Get Your Jewellery Appraised

  • Insurance
  • Identification
  • Estates and Wills
  • Divorce


To properly insure your jewellery, an insurance company will require an appraisal. This will show the value of the piece and will protect from situations such as:
  • Damage
  • Theft 
  • travel accidents
While custom and inherited pieces will not be replaceable, you will be able to recoup the financial value of with proper jewellery appraisals.   


Since a jewellery appraisal will include an in-depth description of your piece, including pictures, it will be easier to identify lost or stolen jewellery.  You will also be able to prove ownership quickly with an appraisal certification.

Estates and Wills

If you have a large amount of jewellery, and want each piece to go to a specific person, then you will want a proper appraisal of the pieces. This will ensure there is no infighting between members of your family. If you don’t have a will, an appraisal will make it easier for proper distribution of assets.


You may be asked to get an appraisal of jewellery pieces owned and bought during the marriage in order to properly divide assets. 


There are many reasons why having a jewellery appraisal done is a wise decision, and if you have a piece of jewellery that is particularly special or expensive, you should definitely get one done.