Engagement Rings Signify Love and Commitment

Engagement Rings Signify Love and Commitment

Engagement rings are considered by many people as the supreme symbols of loyalty, authentic love and dedication. They may arrive in a variety of stones, styles or designs, however, they all serve one major purpose: to signify the approaching marriage of two individuals that are profoundly in-love with one another. It's an undeniable truth that nearly all girls love these gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Yang’s Jeweler Store Cambridge Ontario has a wide collection of vintage jewelry for you. 

Engagement Rings Signify Love and Commitment

Engaged girls really like to flaunt their own diamond rings for their families and friends, taking pride in the fact that they're just about to get into a new exciting chapter of their own lives.

Single ladies, on the other hand, are overrun by wistful feelings of love when they view these rings worn with other ladies.

Why are those rings seen as significant symbols of relationships now?

Why is it that they evoke such strong emotions in girls as well as in certain guys?

Answering questions like these can help both women and men know and appreciate the significance of engagement rings a whole lot more.

They used this bit of jewelry for a variety of functions and symbols. The early Egyptian culture believed that the palms, particularly the next finger, included the vena amoris, a vein that's directly linked to the heart.

Although the Egyptians are credited with devising rings, it was the Greeks and the Romans who used them as symbols for connections. In Greek civilization, rings represented betrothals. On the flip side, the Romans used them as representations of a husband's possession of his wife.